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Shes Ingenious!
Turn Your Innovative Idea Into A Profitable Business

Join our community of enterprising women and get resources and support to help you develop and take your new product and business ideas to market.

We're different from other women's business networks. She's Ingenious! gives you specialist information about how to research, develop, prototype, protect and sell new products and concepts, AS WELL AS a place meet like-minded ladies from all over the UK and beyond.

Unlike invention design and protection services which charge you thousands of pounds but leave you stranded, She's Ingenious! sets out honest tips and pointers so you can understand every step of the process and make the right business decisions for your idea.

Interested in joining us? We've made trial membership easy and, by running much of what we do online, we keep subscription costs low. Find out more about Membership Benefits or go to our Joining Page to view subscription options.

Free Support Meetings for Members (Twice a Month by Phone or Web)Free Support Meetings for Members (Twice a Month by Phone or Web)
Need some signposting? Or a sounding board? Want to unravel a dilemma or get some mentoring? Or do you just want to connect with other women like you? These groups meetings are run regularly for Members only. Join via web or phone. Sign up for call reminders here... . . . keep reading

Industry Practices Inventor-Entrepreneurs Should Be Wary OfIndustry Practices Inventor-Entrepreneurs Should Be Wary Of
Cally Robson
We all know that invention promotion companies that claim they will market your new product idea are the biggest scam around. But are you aware there are other professional services and practises in the product development industry that amount to daylight robbery for your start-up finances? . . . keep reading

Book Your Bonus Phone ConsultationBook Your Bonus Phone Consultation
Sometimes the only way to move forward with your idea is to talk it through with someone. Members on a yearly subscription plan can claim their bonus 1-to-1 mentoring session to chat through their idea(s). . . . keep reading

The 11 Top Ingredients In A Winning New IdeaThe 11 Top Ingredients In A Winning New Idea
Teleseminar recording by Cally Robson
Everyone knows there's no exact formula for an idea that will become the next big thing. But check off these 11 key ingredients, and you've got the nearest thing to a recipe for success that will attract investors, buyers and business partners . . . keep reading

The 8 First Steps To Getting A New Product Idea Or Invention Off The GroundThe 8 First Steps To Getting A New Product Idea Or Invention Off The Ground
Teleseminar recording by Cally Robson
Most people spend money prototyping and protecting ownership of their new idea or innovative design before they've covered the basics. Follow these 8 simple steps and you'll save yourself a lot of time and cash. . . . keep reading

Launching A New Food ProductLaunching A New Food Product
Going from your kitchen table to supermarket shelf is the obvious step for anyone wanting to make a scaleable business out of their culinary know-how. Clare Panchoo, Founder of Born To Be Yummy healthy snacks for children, set out to do just that. Now on independent shop shelves around the country, Clare shares her top tips for creating and launching a new food brand . . . keep reading

Branding and Packaging Hair Care ProductsBranding and Packaging Hair Care Products
UK-born hair stylist Jules Chan is co-owner of an award-winning hair salon in San Francisco. Realising that she could improve on existing hair care products, especially for style-conscious Asians, she has launched her own range of styling products, Juju Chan. In this video, Jules shares some tips on how to tackle packaging and branding challenges that are common to self-funded start-ups . . . keep reading

Passion, The Key Ingredient In Fashion DesignPassion, The Key Ingredient In Fashion Design
Suzy Middleton-Heath never trained as a fashion designer. But she had a very clear vision for the clothes she wanted to design for older women who couldn't find the fashion they wanted on the high street. Suzy has gone on to launch her own label, Ruby Plum, which sells now via the web. In this video, she shares some tips for other home-grown designers . . . keep reading

Why Branding Is Simpler Than You ThinkWhy Branding Is Simpler Than You Think
Most people feel completely in the dark when it comes to branding a new product. In this interview, Amaka Olateju tells how she now realizes that SHE is key to fronting her luxury, ethically sourced organic skincare products, because her beliefs ARE her brand. . . . keep reading

He Stole My Idea. What Can I Do About It?He Stole My Idea. What Can I Do About It?
Recorded webinar with Denise Nurse
Find out how to protect your idea from being copied, what to do if you find someone has infringed your Intellectual Property rights, the defences that exist, what you could stand to gain from taking action, and practical steps you can take to avoid issues with anyone copying your concept. . . . keep reading

Setting Up Facebook For Business [Part 1 of 5] OverviewSetting Up Facebook For Business [Part 1 of 5] Overview
Recorded webinar with Jane Brocklebank
Everyone has their Social Media favourites, but Facebook is fast becoming one of THE ways to build a presence for your business or new product online. Professional marketer and social media expert Jane Brocklebank talks you through an overview of the Facebook personal, business and group pages you can set up for your business . . . keep reading

3 Tips On Commissioning A New Product Design3 Tips On Commissioning A New Product Design
Morag Hutcheon has been design products for industry and individual inventors since 1985. She's an award-winning product designer and entrepreneur in her own right. Here are her top 3 tips to help anyone thinking of getting a new product designed . . . keep reading

7 Reasons To Go With A UK Manufacturer7 Reasons To Go With A UK Manufacturer
Dave Jones interviewed by Cally Robson
Common belief is that developing and manufacturing a plastic product in the Far East is cheaper. In this interview, Dave Jones, who has been in the UK plastics business all his working life, gives some compelling reasons to at least get a quote before going overseas . . . keep reading

Using Eco-Friendly Packaging to Sell Your ProductUsing Eco-Friendly Packaging to Sell Your Product
Laurel Miller
The way your new product is packaged and presented speaks volumes. It makes the difference between a brilliant new idea that sells well, or one that flops even before it hits the shelves. Eco-packaging and design expert, Laurel Miller, shared some packaging hints and tips at a recent She's Ingenious! meeting . . . keep reading

Tools To Protect Your Idea - The Basic Types of IPTools To Protect Your Idea - The Basic Types of IP
Margaret Briffa interviewed by Cally Robson
The Intellectual Property in a new idea is the seed of its long-term success. As you develop your idea, there may be more than one aspect to protect. Margaret Briffa, expert IP lawyer, gives a great summary of the tools available to protect your IP - patents, copyright, design right, registered designs, trademarks, and know-how and confidential information. . . . keep reading

Can You Say Your Idea Is Truly Original? (Tip 2 of 5)Can You Say Your Idea Is Truly Original? (Tip 2 of 5)
Mark Sheahan interviewed by Cally Robson
A whopping 98% of new ideas and inventions aren't original. That's the guestimate of British Library Inventor in Residence, Mark Sheahan, who says that most people fail to do the proper checks to establish the uniqueness of their ideas. In this video tip, Mark makes some simple suggestions. . . . keep reading

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Jacqui O'Connell, The Cable Label Co"I have just become a Member...and I have been looking at your website and would like to congratulate you on it. The resources are fantastic and the content very useful."
Jacqui O'Connell www.thecablelabelco.co.uk

Zandra Johnson, Founder Fairytale Furniture"The Shesingenious site is so easy to navigate and I'm eternally grateful that it is so easy to login. Thank you."
Zandra Johnson Fairytale Children's Furniture 

"You are a star!! Many, many, many thanks...you have just put to bed about 3 months worth of anxiety, plus have given me the confidence to move forward with this idea/venture, freely!!..It's true, that 'Knowledge truly sets you free'."
Donna, London 

"Thank you very much for the mentoring session and ... again for sharing with me your ideas and insights! You have given me the structure that I very much needed to finally put my dreams into a reality - 'Thunderbirds are Go'!"
LPC, London

Janet Korsak, Coolscapes"Just want to say - what a great resource your website and expertise is. I've just ordered a few (more) books. It's great to receive the newsletter and I'm looking forward to the telephone tip. We all need some support - thank you."
Janet Korsak coolscapes.co.uk Melksham, Wilts

"She's Ingenious! is a great resource. The articles are so handy to refer to and easy to understand. They cover a wide range of topics that usually have some excellent advisory content. I find the quick guides easy to dip into as they are very to the point and the tips particularly useful. I often post on the forum - if I have a confidence issue with a path I am taking its so good to air my concerns and know I will get a sensible answer that I trust and respect..."
Tracey Evans

"Today I really enjoyed every minute of your seminar. You are very professional and human. You understand us and bring us the knowledge to go in the right direction. It was a very special day for me listening to your presentation. I would like to say a very special thank you."
Danielle Lelliott

"I honestly thought you to be one of the most personable, realistic, knowledgeable speakers I've heard in my six months of business-related research."
Anna Winstanley

 Laura Templeton, designer "... I just knew she'd be fantastic to work with, my gut instincts were spot on!"
Laura Templeton, Take Shapes 


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