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Online Presentation: Shortcuts To Selling Products Online [PAST EVENT]
Online Presentation: Shortcuts To Selling Products Online [PAST EVENT]

These days you don't have to spend thousands and wait for months while a web designer builds you an ecommerce website. In this webinar, I'll be talking with online business owner and Internet marketing expert, Alison Rothwell, about some shortcuts to selling products on the web.

Too many people are told they need to spend £3000, £10,000 or even more to get an ecommerce website built before they can start trading online.

These kinds of charges were acceptable a few years ago, but when you're looking to sell your own products online these days, there are much cheaper and less risky ways to enter the game and start making sales quickly.

Join me in conversation with web marketer and business owner Alison Rothwell, as we run through some of today's etail options for selling products profitably online.


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Date: 29 Nov 2010
Time: 11am GMT (webinar 30 mins)
Cost: Free
Only 16 places - first come, first served.
This webinar is open to all. It will be recorded for She's Ingenious! Members



Alison Rothwell and daughter

Unlike many other "Internet experts", Alison's insights come from direct practical experience running her own ecommerce sites - she founded the award-winning Arabella Miller online store to sell her own range of organic children's clothes, as well as another retail site for baby nursery products.

Building on those businesses and her longtime interest in Internet marketing, Alison now also runs SEO Training Club to help others achieve online success.

·  Ingenious Women - Tip Exchange [7 October 2010] [PAST EVENT]