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Lisa Warner designed her Fink Cards to encourage families to get talking
Lisa Warner designed her Fink Cards to encourage families to get talking

Opportunity To Feature Your Product On TV
Lisa Warner interviewed by Cally Robson
Lisa Warner, Founder of Fink Cards, has put together a pilot with Ideal World TV channel to feature mum-invented products to audiences up to 200,000 viewers. I caught up with Lisa to find out more about the pilot, how it came about,and what the deal is for mumpreneurs.

To listen to the interview, click Play below (19:04 mins)


Summary points:

* Ideal World Channel reaches 200,000 people on TV and on online in the UK
* 2011 Pilot show dates: 13 Oct 11am (ten 5-minute slots), 27 Oct (ten 5 minute slots), 10 Nov (3 18-minute slots)
* Studio visit for 13 Oct pilot will be held 8 Sept (featured mumpreneurs only).
* It's a pilot - no-one can guarantee sales.
* 5-minute slot costs £750, 18-minute slot costs £2500.
* Lisa and friends are organising this for no profit. All the money pays Ideal World for the programming hours booked.
* Featured products must be available already, and in large numbers, as they will be sold to live audiences.
* Products retailing at around £30 are preferred.
* Each mumpreneur gets an opportunity to talk through their product, but with support from an experienced Ideal World presenter.
* The hope is that this will develop into a regular feature on Ideal World, though possibly not limiting featured products just to mumpreneurs.

Original Press Release from Lisa Fink:

Mumpreneurs' TV Opportunity

At last there is a great opportunity for great products, designed by the hundreds of Mumpreneurs around the UK, to be shown on a specialist TV show. 

The Mumpreneur Show, which is the brainchild of Lisa Warner, creator of Fink Cards (which inspires and instigates family communication) is in collaboration between mumpreneurs in a search for new and cost effective routes to market their products.  “We wanted to make TV advertising affordable!” says Warner, “and we are now able to offer an opportunity to be on the show.”

The format of the show includes the mumpreneurs, within a five minute slot, introducing their product whilst explaining the reason or story behind its creation.   The products will then be readily available for viewers to purchase.   “These shorter slots are going to be a truly fantastic opportunity for the products to gain the huge exposure which they deserve, and of course this will open up a whole new audience for the mumpreneurs.” says Warner.  In addition, added advantages to being involved in the TV project include adding their new marketing tag ‘As Seen on TV” as well as using the footage of the filming of their product on their own website.   As there is going to be a massive PR campaign driving attention to the channel, it will mean a lot more exposure for the products.  The intention is to also attract attention from other retailers who could also be selling the products being displayed on the show.

 “It is planned that the Ideal World Channel will market the show to between 150,000 and 200,000 customers, as well as air repeats of the live show on two further shopping channels, almost trebling the exposure of these products“ says Warner, who is truly excited about this new venture of hers, which she is proud to be collaborating on with Lyndsey Young and Tara Roskell. 

Interested mumpreneurs who book a slot for the first show are asked to keep 8th September free as Lisa, Lyndsay and Tara are organising an event which will include a tour of the studio and production facilities of which Ideal World are planning a PR strategy for.  The day will include interviews and photo opportunities with the mumpreneurs.

Places are very limited, therefore, if you want to ensure you grab your opportunity of exposure to over 200,000 potential new customers and more, then note that you can purchase your dedicated 5 minute slot on The Mumpreneur Show, which is airing on Ideal World on the 13th October for an investment bargain of only £750 plus VAT.    Longer pitches are available for £2500 + VAT which will be for approximately 18 minutes of airtime.

For more information or to book your slot, please contact Lisa Warner at Fink Cards on 0845 051 4665 or email lisa@finkcards.com


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